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About Pre-Marital Background Checks and Their Benefits

Saying “I do” to your partner is one of the biggest life-changing decisions anyone can make in their lifetime; you are expected to remain committed to this person through thick and thin until you are parted by death. Although divorce is an option for people stuck in unhappy marriages, it is a complicated and emotionally stressful process nobody wants to go through. 

Unfortunately, there are many cases in Singapore where people dive into a marriage not knowing who they are dedicating their lives to, only to find out much later that they’ve married somebody who turned out to be a different person. In order to prevent such issues, and to ensure that you are marrying the right person, you can tap on matrimonial investigation services

What are Matrimonial Investigation Services?

Matrimonial investigation services uncover the truth and evidence about people and issues surrounding marriages and families. One of such services is a premarital background check. 

Contrary to popular belief, premarital background checks are not services reserved for only the wealthy. In fact, any family can engage the services of a private investigator to find out more about a partner’s background. These checks dig up personal information about someone, and the depth of such investigative work and how much you can find out will depend on your concerns and Singapore’s laws. 

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What Information can you Uncover?

Private investigators have access to a wide network of databases and connections that allow them to legally collect information and evidence related to a person. With their assistance, you can gather unseen credible data about a future spouse. Some of the things you can find out include: 

– Current or previous employment

– Their lifestyle

– Credibility

– Bankruptcy and Litigation Suits

– Financial Regulatory

– Any history of failed marriages and/or Children of Past Marriages or born out of wedlock

– Global Sanctions & Compliance

Why Conduct a Premarital Background Check?

If you find your partner suspicious, it is important to go through a premarital background check before officially tying the knot. Not only does this step protect you from potential marriage scams and dangerous unions, it also prevents you from getting hurt emotionally and safeguards the interests of your loved ones. Other reasons to conduct a premarital background check include:

– Confirm your partner’s identity: Hiring a private investigator to confirm your partner’s identity can put your mind at ease, especially if your partner has been hesitant in sharing more information with you.

– Ensure that your partner is legally single: If your partner has previously been married but chose to hide that fact from you, you can find out whether he or she is truly legally single through the background check. If your partner has been married before, the chances of him/her hiding more details from you is high.

– Uncover possible baggage: Look into the details of your partner’s past to find out whether marrying him/her will bring problems to yourself. For example, some people may have financial problems, or an unhealthy and depraved lifestyle that can be dangerous to you. You may end up taking on these debts or becoming a victim of criminal activities.

Who Needs Premarital Background Checks?

Premarital background checks can be initiated by different groups of people. You can choose to engage these services to find out more about your partner or parents can hire a private investigator to uncover information about their children’s partner. 

If you’re worried about ruining any relationships, matrimonial investigation services are typically conducted discreetly and all information obtained is kept in confidence. This means that no one except you will know about the background checks. 

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