Matrimonial Investigation & Family-Related Investigation

Problems at home will have negative repercussions on your wellbeing and self-worth. Can’t comprehend how or why your family is falling apart? Find the answer and move forwards with a positive solution.

There are many reasons why you might be facing difficulties at home, and it can be incredibly tough to decide whether or not to hire a private investigation service to interfere. You might be feeling scared, lost, lonely, or confused. Of course, these are all valid and expected emotions in times of personal turmoil.

You can’t predict how you will react. But to restore your peace of mind, we will provide clear, conclusive and concise investigative reports that put your fears to rest and bring the truth to light.

My spouse is acting suspiciously and I’m scared they are cheating.

It can be extremely isolating if you think your spouse is lying to you. You might not know where to turn. But if you suspect adultery or infidelity, or you’re dealing with unreasonable or abusive behaviour, you need to obtain irrefutable evidence and then address the situation head-on.

I’m fighting for child custody and I’m concerned for their well-being.

Complex custody battles can be arduous and ambiguous in nature. If you’re concerned your child is being exposed to inappropriate caregiving or neglect in the hands of a carer or guardian, we will thoroughly investigate for any signs of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse.

My child is engaging in anti-social behaviour and I don’t know how to stop it.

Rebellious or anti-social behaviour in children will often push the boundaries of parental control, and in some cases the child can bring harm to themselves or others. To help you keep them safe, our private investigation service will track and monitor your child’s movements and activities when they leave the house. We will then work closely with their school and the police to suggest a suitable solution to the problem.

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