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We have spent over 10 years successfully providing insightful direction for our clients, so we have amassed a vast range of experience investigating individual issues in the workplace and at home. We are confident not just in our ability to find facts, but in our ability to lead you to the truth.

We practice great


Our team of professional investigators and consultants are fully certified with prior experience in some of the biggest law enforcement organisations, corporations and intelligence units, ensuring confidentiality and discretion will remain at the heart of your investigation.

We are deeply rooted in


We will never jeopardise a day in court. Our strong moral compass ensures your investigation will always rely on the facts alone, pointing you in the right direction for a suitable solution. You can trust that our actions and decisions will be made with your best interests in mind.

We are made of


The path to truth is not always easy. But at CDiC, we refuse to be swayed by any external force. Instead, we travel forwards with a mixture of caution, courage and conviction, seeking the answers you need to move on.


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