General Investigation & Litigation Support Investigation/Services

It can feel like you have nowhere to turn in a stressful situation. But you always have us.

CDiC is committed to helping you resolve your ongoing problems with our general investigation and litigation support investigation/services. Dealing with difficulties overseas? We can send our investigators abroad for you. Complex troubles got you in a tangle? We can design a customised solution based on your specific needs.

Whatever it takes, we’ve got you covered!

I’m looking for a missing individual.

If you’re searching for a critical witness or defendant to take part in legal proceedings, our team of experienced private investigators can trace their whereabouts and facilitate the service of the required legal document. If you’re just curious to discover what happened to someone from your past, we can help you locate long-lost friends, classmates, lovers, relatives, or persons of interest.

I want to unearth the details of someone’s past.

Our private investigators due diligence, pre-employment, pre-marital and individual lifestyle checks can gather key information that delves into identity, employment history, academic history, civil litigation, financial status, hobbies, habits and much, much more.

I need litigation support to uphold a court order or chain of custody.

Need to make sure someone is sticking to a court order? Or are you worried about tampering evidence allegations in an ongoing litigation case? Hire a private investigator that can help you to secure vulnerable premises, monitor the movements of key players, or carefully manage evidence.

I’m concerned about the level of security measures in my workplace, home or car.

Worried you’ve been bugged? If you suspect foul play, apart from our private investigation services, we also have technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) team will sweep the property in question to determine whether there is any evidence of surveillance devices, including concealed live or dead audio/video recorders. We will use both electronic and physical inspection to complete the debugging process, flagging any additional security weaknesses with you.

I need to conduct confidential polygraph or lie detector tests.

If you’re dealing with a complex commercial case in the workplace such as sabotage or fraud, you might want to use a polygraph test to help bring employee evidence to light. Our professional lie detection services can provide essential evidentiary support for your investigation.

I suspect someone has tampered with important documents.

If you’re concerned someone has falsified important papers, our forensic document examination services will thoroughly investigate authorship and origin to look for crucial signs of tampering or forgery. This will include a comprehensive handwriting analysis, including a handwriting comparison between the questioned documents and the alleged forger. If necessary, our forensic document examiner can then provide testimony in court.

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