Getting Evidence Against Your Spouse For Divorce Purposes

Divorce can be a messy and taxing process for any couple to endure. It’s a legal proceeding that has big implications for both partners, and has to be handled in a delicate and appropriate manner to avoid running into complications. Especially in situations where there are considerable assets or children involved.

If you anticipate any difficulties at all during the divorce process, then it’s best to seek help from professionals in the field. That’s where matrimonial investigation services come in. An experienced private investigator can gather evidence of adultery, unreasonable behaviour, an unfit parent, or desertion and might prove to be an important part of your case.

Collecting Proof Of Allegations

The best evidence for adultery may be a signed confession from the offending partner. But what if you are unable to obtain such a statement? Then other forms of evidence such as video and audio recordings, text messages, mobile forensics, emails, or incriminating photos have to be used.

In such cases, a private investigator is not only trained and licensed to procure evidence, they also serve as an objective witness to the allegations and help remove bias and doubt from your divorce case. An experienced private investigator knows what to look for and how exactly to get their hands on the concrete evidence required to make your case watertight.

Child Support Payments

Divorce is not only an emotional upheaval for couples, there is a financial side to it as well. For divorcing couples with children, alimony payments can represent an unwanted burden and some partners might not be willing to play ball. They might go to extremes to hide owned assets and falsify their income statements to pay less child support.

To ensure you get the money you are fairly owed, matrimonial investigation services utilise a multitude of financial investigative techniques to track down any assets or income that have been stashed away. If there are significant amounts involved, then it would be well worth your money to avail yourself of their services to ensure you and your children are adequately provided for.

Asset Search

In some circumstances there may be disagreements over inheritances, gifts, mortgages, and other owned assets. Having an accurate overview of the finances involved makes it easier to agree on an equitable split during divorce proceedings.

An investigation company in Singapore can play an important role in ensuring that everything has been accounted for. They have access to tools such as phone forensics and method of investigating financial records which allow them to suss out fraudulent attempts to withhold assets.

Child Custody

Custody of children is usually a flashpoint in divorce cases. Apart from the emotional bond parents have with children, custody hearings are also financial affairs when child support payments are considered.

Commonly, the issues that give rise to divorce (such as adultery, physical abuse, negligence, and substance abuse), are also reasons that make the offender an unfit parent. The onus is then on the other partner to prove in a court of law that their spouse is an unfit parent in order to take custody of, and secure a better future for, their children. Such evidence can be supplied by private investigators who are able to use a host of other methods to prove that one parent is not fit to obtain custody.

When going through a divorce, it’s important that you receive the emotional, legal, and investigative support you need through a process which may take months to conclude. Matrimonial Investigation Services fill this gap and lend a helping hand for those who require their professionalism during a trying time.

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