What Can Private Detectives Do For You

Private detectives have always been stereotyped because of how they are portrayed in soap operas. From unlawful stalking to capturing photos of adulterers, the entertainment industry tends to picture private detectives as sly investigators who expose rich husbands cheating on their wives. However, although that is a part of the job, private detectives are screened and approved by authorities, as well as equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct many other types of investigative work. Find out more about the services a detective agency in Singapore offers.

1. Corporate Investigations

Corporate, or commercial investigations are conducted to look into issues happening within the corporate sector. Many businesses tap on these services to uncover criminal activity that may be detrimental to their business and reputation. Some investigative works that can be done include background checks to find out more about a potential employee, trademark infringement investigation, commercial fraud, conflict of interest, or other investigations into commercial crimes that can be harmful to your business.

2. Matrimonial or Family-Related Investigations

Many people are under the misconception that matrimonial investigation services are only engaged by wives who suspect that their husbands are having an affair. This is far from the truth. Although people do engage private detectives to look into adultery cases, these services go beyond and can even be beneficial in a happy marriage.

Divorcing parties can tap on these services to gather evidence they need for marital disputes, such as a proof of adultery or unreasonable behaviour, or to obtain evidence that a spouse is dissipating assets.

Additionally, it can also be helpful to families who are worried about their children’s friend groups. If you notice drastic changes in your child’s behaviour or you worry that he or she is getting bullied in school, you can tap on child surveillance services to track and monitor their movements and activities.

3. Legal Disputes

In the courtroom, lawyers rely heavily on compelling evidence to win a lawsuit. Such evidence may be difficult to obtain. Private detectives are skilled at identifying documents, witnesses and facts that are significant in a case, they may also be better at reviewing evidence to find crucial information. If you are embroiled in a lawsuit and need the evidence to defend your case, private detectives can often be helpful.

Some detective agencies, like CDiC consultants, are also experienced in digital forensics, which allows them to carefully examine electronic files in order to recover digital evidence. Some can even retrieve deleted files and data.

4. Locating People

Private detectives have a wealth of information, connections, and investigative methods that are extremely useful in missing person cases. They may even be more efficient than the police at times. With exceptional observational skills as well as the ability to track potential leads, attaining the required information to locate someone is made possible. In situations where you need to locate a missing person, a private detective may just be a good go-to solution.

Regardless of your reasons for engaging a private detective to assist you in investigations, they have all the resources and knowledge needed to efficiently trace people, collect evidence, and even offer support in criminal cases.

CDiC Consultants is a detective agency in Singapore that provides a wide range of investigative services. Contact us today to get started.


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