What Are Matrimonial Investigation Services And Why You Need Them

Marriage is the union of two very different people who have chosen to commit to each other for the rest of their lives because they love each other. However, there are times when lies and problems in a marriage can lead to ugly situations. This is where matrimonial investigation services can help.

Private detectives in Singapore can be hired to look into many aspects of a marriage, including but not limited to cheating spouses and issues involving their children. We’ll explain what these services are and how you can use them.

What are Matrimonial Investigation Services?

Matrimonial investigation services play a crucial role in helping you gather evidence for huge marital disputes. Whether it is to catch a cheating spouse or to protect yourself from dangerous marriages, these investigations are conducted by professional private detectives in Singapore who have the ability to uncover information that you need.

Many people believe that matrimonial investigation services are only used by wives who suspect their husbands are having an affair. These services, however, are more than that and can be beneficial even in a happy marriage.

Types of Matrimonial Investigation Services

1. Spousal Surveillance

Although most of us envision a happy life after marriage, difficulties may still arise. When you suspect your spouse is cheating, your spouse is abusive, or you are dealing with unreasonable behaviour, matrimonial investigation services can be beneficial. During a divorce, you will need to present irrefutable evidence in court, and a private detective agency in Singapore can assist you in gathering all of the evidence you need to win your case.

2. Child Custody

Is your child in your spouse’s custody, or do you want to prove that your child should not be placed in your spouse’s custody? When your child is in the care of your spouse, matrimonial investigation services can help you gather evidence and information about him or her. Private investigators can thoroughly investigate for any signs of physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse. The evidence can then be used to fight for custody and care and control of your child.

3. Child Surveillance

Parents can tap on matrimonial investigation services to find out more about their child and the people he or she hangs out with. If you notice changes in your child’s behaviour and worry that he or she is mixing with the wrong group of friends or being bullied at school, private detectives can track and monitor your child’s movements and activities to find out what is happening. Detectives can work closely with the school and the police to find a suitable solution for different situations.

4. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Want to learn more about your partner before marrying in order to protect yourself? Detectives in Singapore offer investigation services to help you find out more about your partner’s background. This may be beneficial if you are concerned about scammers or marrying someone dubious. Information you can get include

  • Family’s social reputation
  • Groom or bride’s character
  • Past and present litigation records for their credibility and financial standing
  • Drug abuse habits
  • Any active intimate or close relationship
  • Any past marriages
  • Education and employment verification
  • Lifestyle

Many people have preconceived notions about private investigators and believe that matrimonial investigation services are only used to catch cheating spouses. It can, however, be beneficial in protecting your marriage and children.CDiC Consultants is a detective agency in Singapore that provides matrimonial investigation and commercial investigation services. Contact us today for more information about our services.


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