The Importance Of Computer And Digital Forensics

The reliance on computers and information technology has pemeated almost all Industry and Businesses today. During the last 50 years, computing and information technology have become critical to the survival and profitability of all corporations. Whilst the benefits of computing and information are wide and varied, the “Black” elements of computing and information technology pose significant threats.

Threats to computing and information technology are two-fold – external and internal. Threats can be physical, natural, electronic, human and others. Whetever the threat, external or internal, they both are capable of inflicting serious damage to business contunity with significant financial impact.

Due to the criticality of IT infrastructures to industry and businesses, huge efforts have been expended to protect their IT infrastructures. However, despite the protection, IT infrastructures are under heavy daily threats both externally and intenally through cyberattacks, internal non-compliance to IT policies, fraud, leakage of confidential and proprietary information, etc . When IT infrasturcture defences are broken, digital investigation teams providing incident response, investigation and computer forensic become critical in mitigating the threats. Read on for a deeper dive into the reasons why digital investigation services are essential for businesses.

1. Stop Continued Access To Data

Cyber threats have become a daily phenominon. Remote working and increased online activity make companies vulnerable. Once a Company’s IT defences is breached, digital investigation service and resource are critical.

Once engaged, digital forensic teams are then able to identify the attack source and motivation of the attack and find out what data had been compromised. Digital investigators would regain control of the compromised systems and remove attackers and any backdoors thus limiting further damage. In post-incident mitigation, digital investigators would highlight security weak points so that the IT infrastructure could be further hardened, detering further attacks.

2. Minimise Legal Consequences

Breaches to the IT infrastructure can have potential legal and financial ramifications – sanctions from PDPA breaches, direct and indirect financial losses, downtime, etc. Digital investigation service is essential to the investigation and mitigation of data breach incidents. They would quickly deny accesses to the attackers, remove backdoors, harden the IT infrastructures to quickly restore and normalise IT services. Digital investigations would also track the attackers, trace data accessed by the attackers. In data leakage situations involving persons and other sensitive records, they would work with the legal teams ensuring adequate dispute resolution and mitigation.

If sensitive data was compromised, the digital investigators would also work with the legal teams to take appropriate action per the relevant statuatory requirements, including reporting to authorities and manage the negative publicity to the corporation.

3. Loss Of Competitive Advantage

Any form of data leakage due to external cyberattacks and internal threats will have devastating impact on the organisations bottom line, resulting in negative financial impact, loss of goodwill, competitive advantage, etc.

4. Gathering Evidence

Digital investigation expertise is critical in the preservation and maintaining the chain of custody of the compromised system and their data. Digital investigation practioners are able to act quickly to preserve the relevant Operating Systems artifacts, log files and compromised data for evidential use against the perpertrators.

Digital Investigation services is essential in assisting corporations mitigate legal liabilities, gather evidence against perpetrators, identifying compromised data, and detering further access to data. Gathered evidence against perpetrators ensures wrongdoers are brought to justice.

Every business entity is open to both external and internal IT breaches. Attackers are increasingly improving their sophistication. Threats to internal vulnerabilities are on the rise everyday. Corporations now face legal sanctions for inadequate data protection, have their proprietary, confidential data and personal data held ransom. Having the appropriate digital investigation service at hand ensures quick and efficient threat resolution and mitigation.

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