Hiring A Private Detective In Singapore: What To Look Out For

Private detectives in Singapore are typically engaged for a variety of investigation services in areas related to corporate matters, commercial fraud, criminal cases and matrimonial disputes. They conduct investigations in a variety of ways and gather evidence that can be presented in the Singapore Courts for civil or criminal proceedings. However, the Court only considers admissible evidence. This means that if you wish to use the evidence in Court, it must be obtained through legal means.

How do you know that the private detective you’ve hired is a professional who can manage all of your investigation needs? Whether you’re engaging the services of a detective agency in Singapore for commercial investigation, matrimonial investigation or litigation support investigation purposes, here are some of the key factors to consider when you’re looking for a detective to work with.

1. Licence

Do your due diligence and verify that the detective agency or private detective you want to hire has a licence obtained from the Singapore Police Force (SPF). This licence will allow private detectives to perform a list of functions which include gathering evidence for use in civil or criminal proceedings, locating and recovering lost or stolen property, searching for missing persons, and more.

2. Experience

A qualified private detective should have been exposed to a variety of different cases so that their expertise and experience can be of help to you. Their investigative activities must be conducted in a safe way that keeps you from getting into trouble with the law. Besides, having worked on various cases before will give them the ability to discern discrepancies in documents or identify inconsistencies in the interviews they conduct with involved parties.

Additionally, experienced private detectives will be able to determine the services you may need for your case, saving you the trouble of having to delay or repeat investigations due to the lack of evidence or information.

Be it commercial investigation or private cases, you also need to place utmost importance in searching for a private detective who values confidentiality. Maintaining a high level of confidence even after the investigation will help to protect your business and/or your personal interest.

3. Stakeholders

Take into account the people and the organisations with whom the detective agency works. Are they trustable? Do they work closely with law enforcement to provide legal investigation services, or do they disregard the law of Singapore?

A detective agency with a vast network, as well as investigation experiences and knowledge acquired from the public and corporate sectors will be easier to work with. They will also have better expertise and reliability in handling commercial cases.

4. Legal Understanding

Though not legally trained, private detectives with a strong legal understanding can be useful when conducting investigations. Many private detectives may be ex-police investigators who are well-versed in many whitecollar crime, fraud and property offences. As they are frequently hired to assist with the collection of evidence in commercial cases that may be presented in court, their legal knowledge and expertise in these areas can be of help to you.

From legally gathering admissible evidence to assisting you in collecting what you need to prove your case, working with a private detective with legal understanding versus one without can make or break your case.

5. Cost of Service

Lastly, do not blindly engage the services of a private detective offering you the lowest price. Sometimes, private detectives may warrant higher prices because of their strong reputation and years of experience. You wouldn’t want to risk getting zero results and subpar services when the stakes are high.

Working with the right private detective is crucial and you want to make sure that you make the right choice when shortlisting the ones you will be working with. Now that you’re aware of the factors to look out for when in search of a private detective to work with, you can now make a sound decision that will only be beneficial to you and/or your business.

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