About Us

We are a specialist private investigation firm that strives to provide you with direction and focus by guiding you towards the truth.

Our Services

Commercial Investigation

In an organisation, misdeeds within the company or unfair play in the industry may be inevitable. These abuses, if left unchecked, may cripple a company’s operation and jeopardise its future. Let us help you with it.

Digital Investigation & Computer Forensics

The majority of our information is now stored online, and the threat of cyberattack is very real. The reality is it can destroy a business in seconds. You need protection. Let us help you with it.

Intellectual Property (IP) Investigation

Counterfeiting and piracy can have serious impact on your business. Sales volume may plummet and brand reputation may take a huge blow in the long run. Let us help you with it.

Matrimonial & Family-Related Investigation

Your family may run into issues that make you feel lost and helpless such as infidelity, the battle of child custody or juvenile delinquency. Let us help you with it.

General Investigation & Litigation Support

Are you facing a situation that’s left you confused, disorientated, at a loss and needing reliable and professional help? Let us help you with it.

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