Trademark Infringement Investigation Services

IP is part of your identity. It’s your design, your creation, your invention. If someone takes credit for your success, how can you stop them destroying your brand? The answer is CDiC.

If you’ve spent years developing your product or service, the very last thing you want is for someone to swoop in and steal the credit. Unfortunately, product counterfeits and IP infringement are all too common in the digital age. With the anonymity of the Internet and a global consumer audience at their fingertips, it’s easier than ever for knock-off businesses to import stolen goods, produce fake copies of products, or reproduce your copyrighted work.

But what does that mean for you? Well, it could negatively impact your sales volume, prices, and brand reputation. You might find your customers trust you less if they’ve had a bad experience with a counterfeit product or copycat service. And worst of all, substandard products in your name might put customers’ health and safety at risk.

At CDiC, we will provide the evidence you need to eradicate IP infringement with our IP investigation services. These will be tailored to your specific issues and may include market research, product profiling and litigation support.

Someone is producing counterfeits of my product.

We will thoroughly investigate the illegal supply chain to help you alleviate the problem at the source. As well as litigation support for any subsequent civil or criminal actions you choose to file, we can facilitate search warrant and private summons applications, and participate in enforcement raids and the seizure of goods.

Your comprehensive report will include:

  • The modus operandi for the creation of forged products
  • Location of manufacturing and storage facilities

My trademark, patent or copyright has been violated.

IP infringements are notoriously tricky to untangle, but our investigative services will work with you to provide the evidence you need to resolve the following issues:

  • Trademark, copyright and patent infringements
  • Use and non-use of trademark
  • Passing off trademarks

Someone is importing my goods without permission.

Our services can help you get to the bottom of issues like parallel importing, where your goods are imported from another country without your say-so and at cheaper prices than you intend.

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